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Delo XLC Antifreeze 50/50

DELO XLC A/C 50/50 is a non-nitrited extended life Antifreeze/ Coolant formulation for heavy and light duty vehicles and equipment.

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    Detailed Product Description

    Delo® XLC is a non-nitrited extended life Antifreeze/ Coolant formulation for heavy and light duty vehicles and equipment. Delo XLC is formulated with an aliphatic carboxylate corrosion inhibitor system available as a concentrate and a premix 50/50.


    Delo XLC Antifreeze/Coolant products deliver value through:

    • Optimal Service life — Service life of 600,000 miles/1,000,000 km/12,000 hours/6 years with no Extender needed.
    • Excellent Protection — Excellent protection against pitting, corrosion and erosion even on hard to protect metals like aluminum.
    • Minimized maintenance and related costs — Requires no regular testing with proper top-up practices and helps eliminate the need for supplemental coolant additives.
    • Heat Transfer — Excellent heat transfer compared to silicate containing coolants.
    • Hardware Life — Maximum water pump life due to no silicate formula.
    • Variable Applications — Excellent protection for heavy duty engines where the OEM specifies a nitrite free coolant. Can be used in all heavy duty engines using reduced emission protocols including or combining EGR, DPF or ACERT technologies. This product is recommended for mixed fleet applications.1
    • Wide Temperature Applications — Protection against winter freeze-up and summer boil-over.
    • Biodegradability — Biodegradable in its unused form.
    • Compatibility — Compatible with conventional antifreeze. Dilution with conventional antifreeze will reduce extended life benefits. Chevron recommends that this product not be diluted by more than 25% with other coolant formulations.
    • Stability — Can be stored for 8 years in sealed containers without any effect on the product quality or performance.


    Delo XLC Antifreeze/Coolant is a heavy-duty, ethylene glycol based engine coolant which incorporates patented organic corrosion inhibitor technology called aliphatic carboxylates. Delo XLC is a nitrite, nitrate, borate, phosphate, silicate, and amine-free formulation that provides maximum protection of the six basic metal alloys found in most heat transfer systems. Delo XLC products do not contain phosphates or silicates which are known to contribute to hard water scale issues. Delo XLC promotes maximum water pump seal life by eliminating inorganic corrosion inhibitors. Delo XLC has a recommended service life of 600,000 miles/ 1,000,000 km/12,000 hours/6 years. This product will not require the addition of SCA’s to achieve its recommended service life. Routine visual inspections, coolant top-off and annual testing are recommended to ensure maximum service life.


    Recommended applications for Delo XLC Antifreeze/ Coolant:

    • Heavy duty engines regardless of fuel type or environmental controls being used where the OEM recommends a nitrite free, silicate free coolant.
    • Mixed fleets where automobiles, light duty trucks and heavy duty trucks are being serviced and the OEM recommends a nitrite free, silicate free product.
    • Recreational vehicles where a nitrite free, silicate free product is recommended.
    • On-road, Off-road and Marine cooling system applications.

    Delo® XLC Antifreeze/Coolant is approved for:

    • Cummins CES 14439
    • Detroit Diesel DFS93K217ELC
    • Deutz DQC CB-14
    • MB-Approval 325.3 (Concentrate)
    • MB-Approval 326.3 (Premixed 50/50)