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GlycoShell Coolant

GlycoShell Longlife Concentrate is a premium premium, organic acid technology coolant (OAT) and does not contain silicates, borates, nitrites, phosphates, or amines. This product offers extended change intervals (Up to 4 years foll owing a flush and fill) due to the OAT technology. This coolant represents the latest generation of Glycoshell coolants and is suitable for the newest automotive applications as well as extending the service interval on all other vehicles.

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    GlycoShell Longlife Concentrate Specifications

    • Audi TL-774 F
    • Ford WSS-M97B44-D
    • GM 6277
    • MAN MAN 324 Typ SNF
    • Seat TL-774 F
    • Scania 0-89 1027 GT EN
    • Skoda TL-774 F
    • VW TL-774 F
    • Mercedes Benz DBL 7700.02
    • MTU MTL 5048
    • Porsche TL-774F