Chevron Havoline

Havoline ATF Type F

Havoline ATF Type F is a high performance lubricating fluid for pre-1977 (and some 1977 to 1981) automatic transmissions built by Ford Motor Company and other makes requiring a high friction Type F fluid.

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    Detailed Product Description

    Havoline Automatic Transmission Fluid Type F delivers value through:

    • Protection against the formation of lacquers and other harmful deposits.
    • Exceptional stability provided by premium base oils and extra oxidation inhibitors.
    • Quiet performance — Especially effective in helping to ensure proper action in Ford, Lincoln, and Mercury transmissions at all speeds.
    • Fast circulation during cold weather and excellent film strength when hot.


    Havoline Automatic Transmission Fluid Type F is manufactured using selected highly refined base oils and additives that promote oxidation and thermal stability, friction control, cleanliness, load-carrying ability, corrosion and wear protection, and help prevent the formation of foam.

    It is red in color for identification and leakage control.

    Havoline Automatic Transmission Fluid Type F protects against deposits, corrosion and wear, promotes proper shifting action, resists oxidation and viscosity increase, and helps ensure long transmission life.


    Havoline Automatic Transmission Fluid Type F is recommended for automatic transmissions in Ford, Mercury, and Lincoln passenger cars and light trucks manufactured by Ford Motor Company and certain other makes prior to 1977, and some makes from 1977 to 1981 (consult the vehicle owners manual).

    This fluid is not to be used in Ford transmissions that require a fluid meeting Ford specification M2C138-CJ. Havoline or Chevron Automatic Transmission Fluid MD-3 is the recommended fluid in this case.

    Havoline Automatic Transmission Fluid Type F meets the requirements of former Ford specification M2C33-F.

    Do not use in high pressure systems in the vicinity of flames, sparks and hot surfaces. Use only in well ventilated areas. Keep container closed