Chevron Havoline

Havoline ProDS Full Synthetic Motor Oil SAE 10W-30

SAE Grade: SAE 10W30

A full synthetic 10W-30 motor oil formulated to provide exceptional wear protection in hot or cold operating temperatures. Provides protection for extended oil drains, heavy loads and for vehicles requiring a synthetic motor oil.

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    Detailed Product Description

    SAE 10W-30 provides good performance in a wide variety of weather conditions in the most popular viscosity grade. It exceeds the requirements of API SN Resource Conserving and ILSAC GF-5 and is an ideal choice for legacy engines ca lling for this SAE viscosity grade.

    Havoline ® ProDS™ Full Synthetic Motor Oils with Deposit Shield ® Technology are formulated with advanced antiwear additives that provide a protective layer on metal surfaces. This combination of synthetic base stocks and advanced antiwear chemistry keeps a lasting film that protects against wear and promotes long engine life.

    Havoline ProDS Full Synthetic Motor Oils effectively control sludge that can restrict oil passages and intake screens and cause piston rings to stick. The superior stability of synthetic base oils allows them to resist degradation during high te mperature operation and the exceptional level of detergent additives not only helps keep sludge and varnish depo sits from forming in the engine, but also works to prevent ring and piston deposits that can cause early oil consumption and power loss.

    Havoline ProDS Full Synthetic Motor Oils provide excellent performance in both extreme cold and hot conditions. In cold temperatures, Havoline ProDS Full Synthetic Motor Oils flow easily, allowing for fast starts and quick lubrication. In today's high power density hotter running engines, Ha voline ProDS Full Synthetic Motor Oils maintain their visc osity which is critical for engine fuel economy and resist oxidation better than conventional mineral oils.