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Houghton Dascool 2003

Dascool 2003 biostatic coolant is a unique combination of lubricity additives, rust preventive chemicals, wetting agents and bondary lubricants resulting in a truly biostatic metalworking coolant.

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    Detailed Product Description

    Biostatic fluids provide only minimal nutrient sources for microbial growth. The result is greatly extended sump life with virtual elimination of biocides and other tankside additives.

    Dascool 2003 contains exceptional lubricity properties making it an ideal choice for use with steel, stainless and aluminum alloys in operations of moderate to high severity.

    Dilution ratios of Dascool 2003 will vary depending on the severity of the operation involved. A guideline for concentrations is 5% through 10% for machining with 6% being an excellent, average starting point. For grinding, a range of 4% through 6% is usual with 5% normally used as an initial charge. Optimal bioresistance and longevity are attained when the product is charged into a clean machine and the concentration maintained at 5% minimum.

    Features & Benefits

    • Cleaning annealing
    • Optimum lubricity
    • Highly fluid
    • Inhibited against stain, corrosion, and oxidation.

    The concentration of Dascool 2003 can easily be determined by using a refractometer.