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    ocut 795-H is a chlorine-free, soluble oil metal removal fluid with high lubricity. This versatile product can be used in a broad array of heavy duty machining and grinding applications for a wide range of ferrous and aluminum metals including high and low carbon steels (e.g. 1018), alloyed steels such as 4 130 and 4140, cast iron, nodular and gray iron, 300 and 400 series stainless steel, automotive grade cast aluminum alloys including 308, 319, 356, 380, 384, and 390.

    Hocut 795-H is compatible with hard water, clean­ running and biostable assuring long, odor-free sump life and is suitable for both centralized systems and single­ sump machines. Hocut 795-H provides high corrosion protection without staining and lubricates machine ways and indexing mechanisms. Low foaming characteristics make Hocut 795-H an excellent choice for gun drilling and other high pressure applications.