Exxon Mobil

Mobil DTE 205

Mobil DTE Oil 205 is a lubricating oil formulated to provide excellent anti-wear and friction-reducing properties for compressor cylinder lubrication as well as protection against rust and corrosion. Mobil DTE Oil 205 is designed for wet-gas compression and exhibits excellent resistance to washing by water and other entrained liquids. It resists oxidation and provides effective lubrication at low feed rates, thereby extending operating periods between valve-cleaning intervals.

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    Mobil DTE Oil 205 lubricant is recommended for the cylinder lubrication of reciprocating compressors and special rotary sliding vane compressors in air and inert gas service. It is particularly applicable where wet gas is being compressed. While developed primarily for multistage compressors, its superior qualities will provide benefits in many single- and two-stage compressors operating at higher pressures or discharge temperatures or when compressing wet gas.

    Mobil DTE Oil 205 is not designed for use in compressor crankcases, particularly those compressors having high lead bearings, or crankshafts fitted with lead counterweights.

    It should not be used when compressing air for breathing.