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Mobil DTE Oil Heavy Medium

Mobil DTE™ Heavy Medium Circulating Oil is formulated from highly refined base stocks and an additive system, which helps to provide an extremely high level of chemical and thermal stability, rapid and complete separation from water, and a high resistance to emulsification. It also offers excellent protection against rust and corrosion, including resistance to salt water, and good antiwear properties. It is recommended for land-based and marine steam turbines, hydro turbines, and some gas turbine circulation systems including pumps, valves, bearings, and parallel shaft gearing.

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    The Mobil DTE Oil Heavy Medium Series of lubricants are premium performance circulating lubricants designed for applications where long lubricant service life is required. Specific applications include:

    • Land-based and marine steam turbine, hydro turbine and some gas turbine circulation systems, including pumps, valves and other ancillary equipment
    • Continuous service in plain and roller bearings and parallel shaft gearing
    • Turbines with oil supplied by splash, bath, ring oiling or other mechanical means
    • Moderate severity hydraulic pumps
    • Compressors and vacuum pumps handling air, natural gas, and inert gases, and with discharge temperatures not exceeding 150C