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Mobil Velocite Oil No 3

Mobil Velocite Oil No #3

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    The Mobil Velocite Oils are used in some critical hydraulic, circulation systems and air line oilers where the appropriate viscosity grade is selected. They are formulated from select high-quality, low viscosity base oils and additives that impart good resistance to oxidation and protection from rust and corrosion. They possess very good resistance to foaming and separate readily from water.

    • High speed spindle bearings in machine tools and equipment where high speeds and fine clearances are involved
    • Precision grinders, lathes, jig borers and tracer mechanisms
    • Mobil Velocite Oil No 3 is recommended for "zero clearance" type spindle bearings which operate with extremely close clearances
    • For sleeve type spindle bearings having greater clearances, the choice of viscosity depends on the relation between clearance and spindle speed
    • Low pressure hydraulic systems where appropriate viscosity is selected
    • For some sensitive instruments such as telescopes, laboratory equipment, etc