Bardahl Protex

Protex Air Intake Cleaner 12 x 6oz

PROTEX by BARDAHL Air Intake Cleanerâ„¢ is a powerful aerosol solution that cleans the throttle body by removing deposits and stops throttle plate sticking. The application of this solution quickly restores normal operation of the air intake system associated with a dirty throttle body, eliminating drivability problems and improving power and performance.

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    Detailed Product Description

    Powerful Aerosol Cleaner to Remove Deposits from the Induction System

    • Powerful solvent cleaning system
    • Cleans throttle body, idle passages, and intake plenum
    • Loosens the throttle plate to restore efficient operation
    • Removes deposits from the idle passages to improve drivability
    • Safe for throttle body, catalytic converter, and O2 sensors