Bardahl Protex

Protex Auto Transmission Conditioner 12x11oz

PROTEX by BARDAHL® ATF Conditioner™ is formulated with special chemical additives and synthetic components that improve gear changing and remove varnish deposits that cause slippage in the transmission. It contains anti-wear ingredients to minimize friction and abrasion in both the front and rear wheel drives and active detergents that clean oil oxidation deposits. This solution also revitalizes the seals and O-rings to prevent leaks and extend the life of the transmission.

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    Detailed Product Description

    Enhances the Performance of Transmission Fluids to Maintain Efficient Operation

    • Chemically “tunes-up” the transmission by freeing up sticky valves
    • Removes harmful deposits and extends the life of the transmission
    • Improves transmission shifting and helps control ‘shudder’
    • Conditions seals and O-rings to prevent leaks
    • Compatible with all types of automatic transmission fluids, including synthetics