Bardahl Protex

Protex Cooling System Conditioner 12x11oz

PROTEX by BARDAHL® Cooling System Conditioner™ is an easy to use chemical solution that works while the engine is running. This formula contains a radiator rust inhibitor that restores the pH level to protect against corrosion. The solution removes and prevents rust, corrosion and sludge deposits. It also lubricates the water pump, bearings and seals, which eliminates noise caused by dry bearings and extends the life of the cooling system components. It prolongs coolant life and protects all cooling system components by neutralizing the formation of acids. The solution is safe to use in all gasoline and diesel engines, and works with all types of coolant.

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    Detailed Product Description

    Prevents Deposits and Lubricates the pump to eliminate noise

    • Inhibits rust and corrosion from forming in the radiator and cooling system
    • Lubricates the water pump bearings and seals to improve its operation
    • Restores reserve alkalinity to the coolant
    • Helps control thermal degradation of coolant
    • Compatible with all types of coolant and anti-freeze solutions