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Protex CRDI Cleaner 12x32oz

Protex CRDI Cleaner 12x32oz uses advanced deposit control technology that was specifically developed for modern computer controlled and common rail diesel injection systems. This high quality, high-tech solution also works very effectively in all other diesel engines.

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    Detailed Product Description

    One Tank Clean-up for Modern Diesel Injector Systems to Restore Power and Performance

    • A ‘one tank’ additive that thoroughly cleans a CRDI system
    • Repairs the spray pattern and increases fuel flow rate
    • Removes harmful external & internal deposits (IDID)
    • Reduces fuel system coking from all regular and biodiesel fuels
    • Rigorously tested using CEC DW10 methodology to confirm results
    • Restores lost power, enhances performance, decreases emissions improves fuel economy & reduces operating cost