Bardahl Protex

Protex Fuel Injector Cleaner 12x11oz

Protex by Bardahl Injector Cleanerâ„¢ is formulated with the latest PEA (Poly Ether Amine) fuel additive chemistry to remove harmful deposits from the injectors. This solution will increase the detergency of the fuel for better combustion in new and old style injectors, restoring power and improving fuel economy. The formulation contains no alcohol and is safe to use in all gasoline, including the new E15 blends.

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    Detailed Product Description

    Cleans the Fuel Injectors to Decrease Emissions and Improve Drivability

    • Removes carbon, varnish and other deposits from the injectors
    • Reduces drivability problems by eliminating stalling, hard starting and rough idling
    • Improves fuel economy, restores performance and decreases emissions