Bardahl Protex

Protex MTS Multi-Functional Flush 12x11oz

PROTEX by BARDAHL® MTS Cleaner™ is a concentrated blend of solvents, dispersants, detergents and anti-wear additives that will clean and condition the engine, transmission and steering system by removing gum and varnish deposits and preventing further deposit formation. This special formulation will chemically ‘tune-up’ an engine by freeing-up stuck rings, removing deposits from valves, and eliminating sludge from oil galleries and passages. In transmissions and power steering systems it removes sludge from internal passages and gum and varnish from control valves.

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    Detailed Product Description

    Multi-Functional Flush and Cleaner for Use in Engines, Transmissions and Steering Systems

    • Chemically “tunes-up” the engine by loosening sticky valves, lifters and rings
    • Proprietary chemical formula dissolves harmful gum and varnish and removes sludge
    • Improves transmission shifting and helps control ‘shudder’
    • Prepares engine, transmission and steering system for fluid change
    • Dispersants and detergents keep removed deposits in suspension until the fluid is drained
    • Safe for all engines, transmissions and steering systems
    • Compatible with all fluids including synthetics