Bardahl Protex

Protex Pro-1 Engine Treatment 12x11oz

PROTEX by BARDAHL® PRO-1 Oil Supplement™ uses ‘polar attraction’ technology to provide a robust layer of anti-wear and anti-friction protection that extends the effectiveness of the lubricant. Extra inhibitors help control oil oxidation, decrease deposit formation, and reduce bearing corrosion. By adding a tough lubricating film to metal parts, this formulation minimizes wear and enhances overall engine performance while providing extra lubrication protection for city driving and during cold starts.

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    Detailed Product Description

    Enhances Motor Oil to Increase Lubrication and Reduce Friction in Newer Vehicles

    • Boosts anti-wear, anti-friction and extreme pressure performance of the oil
    • Increases protection against thermal oxidation.
    • Reduces deposit formation throughout the engine
    • Improves rust and corrosion protection
    • Extra protection under high temperature / high load conditions