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Shell Diala S2 ZX-A

Shell Diala S2 ZX-A is an inhibited electrical insulating oil manufactured from highly refined mineral oils. It offers good dielectric properties, good oxidation stability and provides efficient heat transfer even at low temperatures. Shell Diala S2 ZX-A meets both the established and the new industry copper corrosion tests.

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    Detailed Product Description

    Shell Diala S2 ZX-A Applications

    • Transformers
      Electrical insulating oil for grid and industrial transformers.
    • Electrical equipment
      Components such as rectifiers, circuit breakers and switchgears.

    Specifications, Approvals & Recommendations

    • Shell Diala S2 ZX-A meets the requirements of ANSI/ASTM D3487 Type II

    Performance, Features & Benefits

    • Extended oil life
      Shell Diala S2 ZX-A is an inhibited oil giving outstanding oxidation performance and an extended oil life.
    • System efficiency
      The good low temperature properties of the oil ensures proper heat transfer inside the transformer, even from low starting temperatures.
    • Transformer protection
      Shell Diala S2 ZX-A is non-corrosive towards copper, with no need for additional passivation. Shell Diala S2 ZX-A meets all relevant tests on copper corrosion ASTM D1275, and also the latest more severe tests: IEC 62535 and ASTM D1275B.