Shell Tellus

Shell Tellus S2 MX 32

Shell Tellus S2 MX 32 fluids are high performance hydraulic fluids based on Group II base oils that provide outstanding protection and performance in most manufacturing and many mobile equipment operations. They resist breakdown under heat or mechanical stress and help prevent damaging deposit formation that can decrease the efficiency of your hydraulic power system.

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    Detailed Product Description

    Shell Tellus S2 MX 32 Applications

    • Industrial hydraulic systems
      Shell Tellus S2 MX ISO VG 32 fluids are suitable for a wide range of hydraulic power applications found in manufacturing and industrial environments.
    • Mobile hydraulic fluid power transmission systems
      Shell Tellus S2 MX fluids can be used effectively in mobile hydraulic power applications such as excavators and cranes, except where significant ambient temperature variations are encountered. For these applications we recommend Shell Tellus S2 VX.
    • Marine hydraulic systems
      Suitable for marine applications where ISO HM category hydraulic fluids are recommended.

    Specifications, Approvals & Recommendations

    Product is designed to meet :

    • Bosch Rexroth Fluid Rating RDE 90245
    • Parker Denison (HF-0, HF-1, HF-2)
    • Eaton E-FDGN-TB002-E
    • Fives (Cincinnati Machine) P-68
    • ISO 11158 (HM fluids)
    • DIN 51524 Part 2 HLP type
    • ASTM D6158-05 (HM fluids)
    • Swedish Standard SS 15 54 34 AM